Monday, August 26, 2013

A Nose for Justice, Rita Mae Brown

So, this was a bargain buy and I was going out of my comfort zone. If it wasn't $3, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. And that would have been ok. I'm not saying it was bad, but it wasn't good. Kind of boring.

So, it's copyrighted for 2010, and I feel like that makes a bit of a difference. It was very political. I'm of the opinion that all stories have meaning - the author can't not put a bit of themselves and/or their views into their stories. So, I'm not surprised to find a bit of politics or religion or anything else in books the I read. Frankly, I think it makes it better. More relatable. But this was overtly, intentionally political. And I don't feel like that made it better. Not worse either, but not better. It didn't add anything of value.

On a higher note, the dogs were adorable. They play an important role and the reader understands what they're saying, so that adds some fun.

Other than that...I just don't have much to say. There are some explosions, the baddie trying to freak everyone else out about water. There's a lot about water and water rights. And a Russian from the late 1800s is found when they're remodeling a barn. There's no connection between the 2. And don't let the book fool you when it says there's a "fascinating connection" between the body, Buffalo Bill, and the ranch. There isn't.

There's a love story between the main character Mags and the Deputy Sheriff. It, like the rest of the story, is just blah, ho-hum, mundane. However you want to word it. Mags is a former Wall Streeter who lost everything in the crash. The Deputy is a divorce who loves Reno. *shrug* Mags being a good Wall Streeter is about the only interesting aspect.

Well, her aunt is occasionally badass, and I appreciate the feminist aspects the story uses. But overall, this was just a forgettable book. And, really, isn't that worse than being bad?

A Nose for Justice, Rita Mae Brown

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