Thursday, August 29, 2013

Calculated in Death, JD Robb

Eve Dallas is BACK! :)

Ok, so this wasn't one of my favorites. It might actually be my least favorite. It was a lot of money stuff - in case you hadn't guessed by the whole "Calculated" thing - which isn't really my thing. But there was, as per the usge, a healthy dose of murder and mayhem.

A murder that looks like a mugging but isn't and the coincidences just keep piling up. The case wasn't anything specially. A conspiracy and some dumb as shit criminals.

As always, the interactions between the main characters are enjoyable. There's one part where Peabody uses her feminine wiles to draw a baddie out of his house. It's probably the best part.

There's some Eve and Trina action in there too. I don't think I've mentioned Trina before. She's Eve's hair and makeup guru...well, Eve would call her a hair and makeup torturer.

There's some Roarke and Eve cuteness. He's still worried about her. Not that he ever stops, but her experiences in New York to Dallas have made it harder. She manages her hurt herself catching a baby. Well, really a toddler. She's chasing one of the baddies and he throws the kid like a football. Eve catches it, but pays for it in bruises. Pretty epic either way.

Eve's continuing to evolve, discovering what it means to have friends and family. And I enjoy that. I'm really looking forward to the next one: Roarke's family is coming for Thanksgiving. :D

Calculated in Death, JD Robb

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