Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dark Guardian, Christine Feehan

I get my cop!!!

Remember way back in Dark Prince I gave some things I wanted to see? I think I listed 4 separate things, but they were kind of a conglomerate. I wanted a Carpathian woman, and I've gotten that in Francesca - though I had more intended a woman converting a male.

Another thing I wanted was a cop. I had imagined it as part of this really vivacious woman, and Jaxon is definitely all that. She's spunky and driven, and mother fucking cop!!

Not at all the wait at home kinda gal that puts Carpathian men at ease.

Which is why she's pretty awesome for Lucian.

So, we know a bit about Lucian from Dark Legend when we meet his twin, Gabriel. We learn a bit more about him here, but the main character is really Jaxon.

In Legend, when they're trying to save Lucian, Francesca tells him he has to live for his lifemate, that she's out there and that she needs him. That he might be the only one who can help her.

That's true and it's not.

See, Jaxon is the daughter of a Navy SEAL. Her father died on a mission and her mother, who was always a bit...delicate, became increasingly depressed. She had a younger brother who she cared for in place of her mother. When she was a kid, her father's best friend asked if she wanted him to marry her mother and be her father. Help take care of her. She loved him, and she was young so she said yes.

Only, the guy was a complete and total psycho!

He ends up abusing the mom and brother. The only one who can try to control him is Jaxon. She tells others, but no one believes her. Until one day she comes home and he's murdered her family. She's taken in by another family friend who try to adopt her. Until the stepfather kills them.

So, Jaxon spends her whole life trying to to be too friendly with people. Trying never to be seen with people in public. Cause every time she does, he shows up and kills them.

Jaxon is of course psychic, she knows when things are going to go bad - a really helpful talent for a cop. She ends up in a shootout and almost dies.

Lucian saves her, of course.

The stepfather obviously doesn't take kindly to Jaxons rich fiancee, and comes after them. One of my favorite things about this one is that the stepfather succeeds! He shoots Lucian and nearly kills him. Jaxon gives him enough blood to save him and he finishes off the psycho stalker.

That's what being arrogant gets you. Which is why he is and is not the only one who can save her.

She kept telling him the stepdad as a SEAL and no joke.

Kind of a side note, but a detail I liked was about why Lucian decided to play vampire. In Dark Legend, while they're trying to save him, he tells Gabriel that he had met a man who told him Gabriel would have a lifemate. Lucian just calls him a man that can't lie. In this book, we learn more about him and he sounds suspiciously like Jesus. OK, it was Jesus: "some thought him the son of God" is kinda a give away. Lucian had met him on his travels and talked with him. He says the man gave him a feeling of peace, even though he'd already lived centuries with no emotions. The man asked him what  he wanted most, and Lucian said for Gabriel to find his lifemate. The man told him Gabriel would and Lucian spent the rest of his days ensuring that Gabriel made it to his lifemate. It really doesn't seem to have much baring on this book or the series in general, but I thought it was an interesting little detail.

I found this one to be very sweet. I liked that we had a human monster, though the vamps made their appearance, too. I like Jaxon. I like that a Carpathian male has to deal with a woman comfortable with danger.

So, what's next?

No freakin' clue.

Dark Guardian, Christine Feehan

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