Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dark Legend, Christine Feehan

Just when I'm feeling like we need some more complex plots, we get one.

We finally find out what happened with Gabriel and Lucian here.

Previously, we found out the twins had made a pact to take the other out if one turns vampire. The story goes, Lucian turned, the brother's fought, and then disappeared.

Well, as we know, legends usually have a kernel of truth. They fought, usually to a stalemate, until Gabriel locks them both in a Paris cemetery. Hundreds of years later, the cemetery is being excavated, and awakens the brothers.

Francesca is a healer (not a doctor) in Paris and comes across Gabriel thinking he's a homeless man.

My favorite thing about this one? I finally get my fully knowledgeable Carpathian woman! I know I had Deseri (Dark Challenge) and Savannah (Dark Magic), but Deseri wasn't raised that way, she didn't really know about lifemates, and Savannah was just so young by Carpathian standards.

But Francesca! Francesca is an ancient female Carpathian with her own powers and training, raised in the Carpathian way. And she knows exactly what being lifemates means.

See, she knew the brothers before everything went to shit. When Mikhal's father was still alive, she saw Gabriel and knew he was her lifemate. So she's tried to understand when he chose to keep fighting instead of claiming her.She left her family and friends because having an unclaimed woman around was too difficult on the males. She felt like Gabriel had sacrificed their life together for the sake of their people, so she sacrificed her community for the sake of their people.

That doesn't mean she doesn't resent him a bit. And trust might be a small issue.

Of course, Gabriel never knew. It was a misunderstanding, she saw him, he never saw her.

But what about Lucian?

Well, that's where the plot gets complex. I mean, it's not really complicated, it's just got more...depth.

So, you know the brothers made a pact. Lucian is now a vampire, and Gabriel is honor bound to kill him. But now he has a lifemate to think of. To protect. And he does want a life with her, always has. If he'd known she was there in the first place, he would have claimed her all those centuries ago.

But Lucian still needs to be dealt with. In all the years, Gabriel has never been able to kill him. He thinks it's because he hasn't completely accepted what Lucian is.

And he's right.

'Cause Lucian isn't a vamp!!

I was really hoping for this! I was actually thinking/hoping it was a vamp who had somehow tricked each brother into thinking the other had turned. But it's quickly apparent Lucian really is acting like a vampire. Only it still doesn't feel right, Gabriel has to keep reminding himself and there are other...mistakes.

Like Francesca's ward. She helps out in a hospital and is called in to help a young girl who has been severely abused by her father, who conveniently dies after meeting Gabriel. The girl is also a telepath. Francesca takes the girl in and when the girl is scared, she and Gabriel enter her mind to help comfort and sooth her. Only, Lucian does the same. That's not a vamp's actions. (As a side note, there's some foreshadowing about the girl being the life mate to a friend of theirs, who runs a nature preserve for wolves. The kids only 14, so we'll see...)

See, all those years ago, Lucian knew Gabriel was close to turning. Possibly because his soul sensed that Francesca had made an attempt to life a human life, to move on from him. Regardless, Lucian knew the only thing that would keep him going was a quest of sorts. So, he staged it. He made it look like he was killing. All so Gabriel would have something to keep him going.

But now that he's found his lifemate, Lucian thinks it's time Gabriel succeeds in killing him.

Thankfully, with Francesca's help, they save him.

I was so glad both brothers were ok. All the hunters talk about having to kill friends and family who have turned, but I'm glad we didn't have to see it. Especially since the killing was going to take place after he got his emotions back.

And I'm sure we will soon find a lifemate for Lucian....like in the next book.

Dark Legend, Christine Feehan

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