Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dark Magic, Christine Feehan

Gregori is safe!

And I finally get a woman who knows what's up!

Her reaction is kinda the same, but still, she has more info to go on.

And. It. Shows. She stops fighting it way earlier.

So, Savannah is the daughter of Mikhal and Raven. Raven has raised her daughter to be strong and independent. She's travels, performing a magic show. That's where she's been for 5 years.

Beyond that she's got more info than the past women - being a full Carpathian woman (Finally!!) - their story isn't as good as I had hoped.

Gregori is as wonderful and tragic as I had imagined, so there's that. And the evolution of his relationship with Savannah is really sweet. How she comes to understand what the 5 years without her cost Gregory, and his opinion of himself, is really sweet.

As was his comprehension of what she needs. I can admit there were quite a few tears through this one.

It's wasn't as memorable as I'd hoped, I guess.

There's some vampire hunting, here of course. They move to New Orleans (can't have a vamp series without at least mentioning NO!) and find the (human) vampire hunters active in the area.

They take care of them, of course, but in the process, they meet Gary, the most interesting part of the story.

Gary is a human working with the vampire hunting society. Only he's not bad, he's just a nerd. And so freakin' adorable! He's just excited by the idea of real vampires. Once he sees what the society is really like, he acts courageously.

Gregori and Savannah befriend him and protect him. In turn, he's loyal and protects them.

I hope to see more of him later in the series.

We also learn a bit more about Adian's twin. He's mentioned very briefly in Dark Gold, but here we find out he's been living in NO and is getting precariously close to turning. He gives his home to Gregori and Savannah, a kind of wedding gift slash goodbye present.

It's sad.

However, they're giving him one more assignment. Gary had a couple of names the society thought were vampires. One is a signer none of them has ever heard of. A human caught in the cross hairs. So, they send Julian after him in the hopes the assignment will keep him hanging on until he finds his lifemate.

I'm starting to get the rhythm of how to predict the next books. If I'm right, Julian and the singer are right around the corner.

I'm still liking the series, but I am getting ready for a change. And some new descriptive phrases...

Dark Magic, Christine Feehan

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