Monday, October 7, 2013

Fallen, Karin Slaughter

I love this one! This series just gets better and better.

So, we learn a lot about Faith, her mom, and her mom's past. Remember I mentioned Will investigated Faith's mom? Well, now we get some answers.

So, Faith had her baby. I don't think I mentioned she was preggers, but she was. Like her first child, this was an oops baby. The father doesn't even know about the baby until this book. Kinda a shocker for him since they'd broken up before Faith even knew she was pregnant. She also found out she had diabetes at the same time.

So, Faith's life has been pretty all over lately.

Now, she's just had her baby and is returning home from mandated work training when she realizes something is wrong: her mom isn't answering any of her phone calls.

She finally makes it home in time to find one dead, one hostage, one with a gun, but no mom. Her mom managed to get the baby into the locked shed where her weapons are kept, but other than that, there's no sign of her mother.

Faith calls 911, but storms the house herself and kills the remaining two baddies. And despite one being a hostage, they are both baddies.

So, we start with some harcore Rambo shit from Faith.

After that it gets a bit more complicated.

So, Will and Amanda investigate - though not exactly officially. Amanda calls on her "old gals network," which is an awesome twist on the typical idea of the old boys network - which we all know is a real thing. Even more fantastic from a feminist point of view.

It's discovered that Faith's mom was never dirty, just like Faith and Amanda always said. The suspicious bank account Will found while investigating was secret, but it wasn't nefarious. Turns out Faith's mom had an affair when Faith was a teen. Actually, she and her mom were pregnant at the same time. Faith's father was willing to forgive Faith's mom, but wasn't willing to help raise the baby. The fact that the father was Hispanic played no small role. It was "a different time" and all... *sigh*

Faith's mom went away and had the baby shortly before Faith did. Faith was a typical self absorbed 14 year old, except pregnant and never even realized her mom was also pregnant. Obviously, she was trying to hide it from her family and the neighborhood. Not to mention the police force.

All this matters because despite Will's belief the kidnapping/disappearance has to do with Faith's mom's dirty dealings, it's actually her son's revenge plot. Frankly it's all pretty sad. It seems like the son had a pretty good life. They had adoptive parents all lined up and they loved him and treated him well. Unfortunately, he got into drugs, and it was downhill from there.

Her mom comes back with some serious injuries, but mostly ok. Her name is completely clear from suspicion. Unfortunately, her son dies. There wasn't much choice. Like I said, pretty sad.

Now, Sara and Will. :) Their relationship is...evolving. There are some pretty great parts. So, Will is still married. *smh* But Sara is what he wants. They finally have sex, only then Faith and Amanda show up at Sara's the next morning, and it's super awkward. Will, being the adorable awkward mess he is, doesn't know what to do. He actually shakes Sara's hand as they leave. Shakes. Her. Hand! Sara, rightly, has his ass for that one. Probably my favorite quote: "Sweetheart, I know you've got work to do and I know it's going to dangerous, but whatever you get into today will not be nearly as life-threatening as what'll happen if you ever do to me what you did to me last night and then think you can get off with a handshake the next morning. Okay?"


Unfortunately, before that Sara meets Angie. Sigh. Look, I am not ok with cheating. I went into that when I reviewed Grant County and talked about Jeffery's infidelity. But I also recognize that not all relationships are the same. Will and Angie's marriage never was what most would consider a real marriage. Will needs to get rid of Angie, and Sara agrees. She actually breaks up with Will at the end. And he is so resigned. She realizes he's just been waiting for her to dump him, to get tired of him. Still, she tells him she needs more from him, she wants all if him, she wants him to dump Angie. All fair. But then she also realizes that he's never had anyone fight for him.

So, she does.

She tells him she wants to make it work if he does. He does.

It's adorable.

Angie still needs to go. Now.

Fallen, Karin Slaughter

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