Saturday, October 5, 2013

Broken, Karin Slaughter

Ok, so now we've got a real crossover.

Unfortunately, that means Lena's back.



Ok, lets get to it.

It's Thanksgiving in Grant County.  Sara is home for the first time since Jeffery died. And what happens? That's right, Lena fucks up.

So, Sara calls Amanda and she sends Will.

As far as the Sara/Will story, this was a good book. They get to know each other better, and Will meets the fam. Tessa, Sara's sister, is back and pregnant, and as hilarious as ever. As is Cathy, Sara'a mom.

So, Sara and Will are bonding, but Will is still married to Angie. *sigh*

What's Lena done this time, you ask? Well, nothing so disgusting as what she did during Beyond Reach, but definitely sloppy and negligent.

This time she gets the apartment number wrong and mistakes the resident for an intruder. This causes a chain of events including the stabbing of Lena's partner, and the suicide of the (wrong) suspect in Lena's custody.

It's a complete cluster.

They still haven't filled Jeffery's position. Frank is interim chief, though they're asking him to take it permanently. Unfortunately, he doesn't run a real clean force. And definitely not a real competent one.

Now, granted, Frank played a major part in the whole debacle, but look, Lena is a grown ass woman. I mean, the thing is, she has been through a lot. I give her the benefit of the doubt for that. But having a shitty life doesn't excuse shitty behavior. It might act as a mitigating factor, but it's doesn't excuse it.

At some point you just need to take responsibility for your actions, regardless of how you got there.

But Lena pulls the same BS as always. She rationalizes herself to death. Except that it's other people die. And of course, when she's about to die she makes all these plans and promises to be better, do better, tell the truth, accept the consequences.

But she doesn't.

And now she's going to drag Jared down with her.

Who's Jarred? I don't think I've mentioned him in detail before, but we've met him several times. He's Nell's son. Nell was Jeffery's high school sweetheart. Now she's married to his best friend, Possum. We discover in Indelible that Jared is actually Jeffery's son. Nell was pregnant when they graduated high school and never told him. Jared didn't even know until after Jeffery died. Jeffery found out in Indelible too, but was still figuring out how to handle it when he died.

He and Lena meet because neither can go to the funeral, and they fall for each other. Sara does not take it well when she finds out. Not surprising. And completely understandable. Lena took her husband, now she took her stepson.

Look, I'm pretty done with Lena. I really wouldn't be sad not to see her again, but I do hope I see Jared again. As a single man.

Somehow, I don't think I'll be that lucky.

Broken, Karin Slaughter

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