Friday, October 11, 2013

Unseen, Karin Slaughter

Fucking Lena.


So, last we saw Lena, she was leaving Grant County with Jared, Jeffery's son, in Broken.

Now Jared's in the hospital after being shot. In the home he shares with Lena. Just days after a raid she's leading goes bad. Really bad.

You can see where I'm going with this right? Lena's sloppiness at least, negligence at most, have caused someone else to pay with their lives. Again.

You would be mostly right. Jared makes it. And while their marriage is going through some issues, they come out at the end intact and looking up. Talking about kids. (Cause Lena as a mother isn't a bit terrifying.) Also, Lena's actions aren't directly responsible for his attack, though they didn't exactly help.

Her case is related to his attack and she could have done more, but mostly after the fact. So, maybe she couldn't have stopped it, but...

She also got Will involved.

You can imagine Sara's opinion on that.

Not that she knows. Remember the undercover gig I mentioned in my Busted review? Well, that's a lead in for Unseen.

Will is undercover at the hospital Jared is recovering at. He's working there to figure out a drug trafficking ring. See, they hear some rumors about a ghost who runs this ruthless drug organization. This gang kills any cops who even appear to be getting close to catching them. Only, no one knows who this guy is. They think he's getting drugs from the hospital.

They know he's a child molester though. Well, Lena does. It's one of those things she keeps to herself.

Fucking Lena.

And that's kinda where it falls apart. See Lena's friend gets a bug up her ass about the kid they find on the raid. Doesn't tell anyone where she's got the kid stashed.

That turns out to be a really good thing in terms of their local chain of command. However, Lena and her friend put themselves and their ambitions above  the case and don't give Will and the team all the info they need.

Which means it takes longer for them to figure it out - meanwhile, Will is in serious danger.

And then there's the way Lena treats Sara.

Sigh. Such a horrible person.

She actively tries to hurt Sara. As if by hurting her, Lena's own pain is somehow lessened. It's such bullshit.

She's so goddamn selfish.

Sara hates Lena, blames her for Jeffery's death and now Jared's near death. Makes no bones about it. But Sara rarely tries to make Lena hurt. She has done it in the heat of the moment, and apologized right after. And she has done it one purpose once. During this book actually. But mostly, Sara doesn't want Lena to hurt, she just wants her to go away.

So do I.

We can't always get what we want.

Will doesn't tell Sara about his undercover gig and it's connection with Lena. She is understandably upset about it. She's actually so upset she never wants to see Will again. They're forced to confront each other again and she realizes that he's been beating himself up enough for the both of them. He's also been literally beaten up.

They manage to forgive each other. Or Sara forgives Will and Will manages to forgive himself. Sorta.

He's also ready to tell Sara about himself. He tells her she can ask him anything and he'll answer.

At the end Will and Sara are moving forward.

Lena on the other hand....



Her "friend" who hides the kid and becomes obsessed with the ghost baddie gets in a lot of trouble with her job because of her actions. Lena sees herself - her selfish, self absorbed, oblivious self - as being better than her friend. As having evolved. She gives this chick advice! Tells her that she, Lena, used to be like her. How she used to try to do everything herself. Take everything onto herself. Never ask for help. But now she has Jared.

What a bunch of bull shit.

Literally 10 pages later, she's talking about how she's ok lying to her husband. Keeping things from him.

Oh, yeah, and the book starts with their marriage falling apart because she can't let him in. Because she can't ask him for help, can't let him help her.

Right, and I'm sure sooooo much has changed over the course of days in which the book takes place.

*eye roll*

I would really like to think that we're now officially done with Lena.

Somehow, I just don't think so.

While I will miss Will and Sara, and Amanda, and Faith, until the next book, I will not be missing Lena.

Not even a little.

Fucking Lena.

Unseen, Karin Slaughter

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