Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dark Gold, Christine Feehan

Book 3 of the Dark series and still interesting for the most part.

Though, I'm starting to worry it might get more repetitive as time goes on. More on that later.

The timeline is getting wonky again, too. Ok, so Mikhal bragged to Raven he had a computer that took up his whole desk in Dark Prince. So....what, 1960s? Then book 2 is 20/25 years later, so late 1980s-ish? Only now, Raven's daughter is all grown up, so it's like another 20 years later! So now we could be getting into the future, especially if we keep jumping forward. I hope we don't. If we stop, we should be ok.

Anyway, we meet Aidan and Alexandra here. Aidan lives in San Francisco and acts as the vampire hunter for the West coast on Mikhal's behalf. (I should clarify here, when I've talked about the hunters in the past, like the ones who hurt Jacques in Dark Desire, I'm talking about psycho humans).

He finds a vampire and kills him. Unfortunately, the vampire has turned a woman and now she's a deranged vampiress (yup, they use the feminine of the word) and she has a kid captive.

But wait!! She hasn't turned yet. The vampire only exchanged blood twice. And the kid? Her brother. The vamp was using him as leverage to make her comply.

Aidan only realizes this when he's about to kill her. He also realizes she's his lifemate. Of course, he's already taken too much of her blood, so he has to change her, hoping she doesn't have too much of the vamp in her.

And this is where I worry about repetition.

Honestly, this is a good book. It's not my favorite, but it's only book 3, so it's hard to judge. But I find Feehan using too many themes over and over. Hell, even the same language: "velvet sheath," for example. *eye roll* I hate that crap.

Also, would it kill someone to know exactly what's going on before they convert? Couldn't we have one person who knows exactly what to expect and chooses to do it anyway? Maybe they can even not be dying?

Same with the lifemate thing. Can we have a woman who knows what it means to be one? Maybe an actual Carpathian? A female Carpathian?

Just a thought.

The uniqueness here is the fact that Alexandra is raising her young (6 years old) brother. Aidan has humans living with him, too. They're technically his housekeeper etc, but really they're like his family. The meet cute is different, too. The addition of humans - good humans - adds something to make it more interesting.

Still though, its leaning a little too similar. I still like it for the most part, but if something doesn't change...

We see Gregoi again. He's even worse off than before. He's given Raven's daughter 5 years before they bond as lifemates. She's coming to San Fransisco in the next few weeks and the 5 years will be up. That's how I'm figuring the timeline. I guess my idea was shot. Not that I'm surprised. :)

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that story will be our next book...

Dark Gold, Christine Feehan

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