Monday, October 21, 2013

Live to Tell, Lisa Gardner

We finally have a winner!

Things are definitely looking better on the DD Warren front.

OK, so we start with a family annihilation - that's when one family member takes out the others before killing themselves.

Then there's another one.

Coincidence, right?

Of course not.

First they find out someone tasered the dad, and thought to be annihilator, at the 2nd home. Then they find out the kids in both families have a connection to a pediatric psych ward.

And that's where we meet Danielle. She's a nurse. And a victim of a family annihilation.

So, what does DD think? Can't survive an annihilation without becoming violent. Wanting to annihilate other families.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Ok, so that's obviously wrong.

It's a little convoluted, but Danielle is the target, not the perpetrator. I'm not really going to go into the whole story, it's convoluted, like I said. But basically, her family wasn't annihilated like she's always thought. Now, someone who was involved is trying to recreate it. Revenge is part of it, but pure crazy-ass-ness is more.

Here's what got be on board with this book.

First, Bobby was in it - he and Annabelle are expecting *eye roll* - but he took a firm back seat. Instead, we have the intelligent and handsome Alex. He's a teacher at the academy, but likes to spend time in the field every now and then to make sure he's not getting rusty. He's on one of these outings when the family annihilation call comes in. And that's how he and DD meet. I like Alex. He's kinda seems like the perfect guy. No games, hot, kind, considerate.

Seems like a winner to me.

Second, therapy is good! I've complained before about the back seat therapy takes. It's often talked about, but doesn't seem to ever actually takes place. Danielle has had long term therapist. All the kids in the pediatric psych unit are obviously getting mental health treatment. And none of it is used as a sinister plot device!

Really refreshing.

Next, while DD does suspect Danielle, it's more...she doesn't eliminate her. Which makes perfect sense for a cop. If you can't completely eliminate someone as a suspect, then they're still a suspect. Her theory is of course that Danielle's tragic past makes her a killer, but, what am I going to do about that? Anyway, my point is that, in previous books, DD just latches on to one person and won't give up until the truth is indisputable. Then she usually pouts. In The Neighbor, she thinks it's the husband until the wife comes back and proves it. In Hide, she thinks it's Annabelle until the uncle comes to kill her. In Alone, she thinks it's Catherine until the molester tries to kill Catherine and her son.

In this one it seems like she's finally willing to look at more than one possibility.

Finally, though the plot might have been a little....far fetched, it made the most sense so far. All the other books have involved people with tragic pasts who are keeping secrets. Danielle has a tragic past, and she may not make a big deal about sharing, but she doesn't have secrets. Her family is another story, but that's besides the point. What I'm saying is that this story has made the most sense.

I rolled my eyes at lot less.

It's taken 4 books, but I think I might finally be warming up to DD Warren.

Live to Tell, Lisa Gardner

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