Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fractured, Karin Slaughter

Will Trent is back - and Angie is living with him.

She left the force after getting hurt in Triptych, and they're engaged.

Gave me false hope, damn it. They're still a disaster. An engaged disaster, but a disaster never-the-less.

We also meet Faith.

I'm a fan of Faith.

Faith is not a fan of Will.

See, Will's last assignment was to root out corruption and he came across Faith's mother in the process, who was then forced to resign.

So, yeah. Faith + Will = Tension!

And they're working a missing persons case. She's the partner of Leo, the guy who was the partner of the cop from Triptych. When Will realizes they're not at a murder scene, but a kidnapping scene, Leo gets kicked off the case and in trouble for missing the clues, and Faith gets partnered with Will.

Now I didn't really go that into it in the Triptych review, but Will is not a typical cop. Not surprising because he's not a typical guy. No one ever makes him as a cop - he doesn't "look" like a cop. He's quiet, and so used to being alone, of hiding his disability, of hiding his scars, that he doesn't work well with others. He doesn't share information with Faith, and doesn't even realize it. It's just how it is.

Faith for her part, finds herself starting to like Will despite her best efforts. She's used to working with sexists who want to call any successful woman a bitch. Who, if they don't get their way, blame their own shortcomings on the woman's sex. Or as Faith thinks "It was nice to have a discussion with a colleague who didn't ask 'What're you on the rag?' every time she disagreed with him."

At the end of the case, Amanda, Will's boss, recruits Faith.

I didn't talk about Amanda in the Triptych, though she was in it. She was our first crossover character. Amanda was the hostage negotiator in Indelible. In fact, there's a picture Will notices on her wall taken with Amanda and Jeffery after the standoff.

I am also an Amanda fan. She's hardcore.

Now, to be fair, she can be a righteous bitch. But I also think she genuinely wants Will to do well. Will reads her disappointment in him as disappointment in his disability. I actually think she's disappointed that he won't seek help.

So am I.

Oh, and she's not a fan of Angie.

Which brings me back to the engagement. So, Angie gave Will syphilis? At least that what I think they said. It was written in a bit of a confusing way. But I'm pretty sure. The engagement was an ultimatum from Will. Will also finds a pregnancy test in the trash. After searching every brand, he finds out Angie isn't pregnant. She never brings it up to him. See, disaster.

As I said, this was a kidnapping case, and as always, Slaughter does a good job of hiding the culprit and giving the reader plenty of twists and turns. They catch the baddie and save the girl. Will and Faith make peace, and I hope we'll see them become friends.

I think we will.

Fractured, Karin Slaughter

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