Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dark Peril, Christine Feehan

Well, that's a fail. I predicted Zacarias and Solange, but nope. Dominic and Solange.

During Dark Curse, Dominic ingested vampire blood loaded with the parasites used to identify members of the conspiracy to overthrow Mikhal (Dark Prince). The plan was to infiltrate the group, find out what's up, pass the information, then take as many vamps with him as possible. The Dragonseeker family has never had a member turn vampire, so Dominic figures he has the best chance to take the blood without turning vamp quickly, as well as killing himself before turning.

Now we find him in Brazil, on his way to a big vampire meeting. Once he gets the info, he'll follow the plan: take as many with him as possible.

Solange is still fighting the good fight against the jaguar males, but she's worn out. Jasmine is safe and pregnant, Juliette has Riordan (Dark Hunger), all she has is her fight. And she's finally found her ultimate target: her father. So, we've heard that the jaguars are dying out because the men won't stay with the women; it's not in their "nature." This has caused more and more of the women to find love with humans. Some men have decided the way to save their species is to forcibly mate (read: rape) with the "pure blood" jaguar women. The idea isn't just to save their race, it's to purify it.

And we all knows that idea always ends badly.

Anyway, her father is the jaguar price. She's royalty. He's also the mastermind behind the insanity. He's the one who invited the vampires into their lives...and heads. When we met Luiz, the jaguar Manolito converted in Dark Possession, we learned that the vamps were influencing the jaguar males, twisting them. Well, blame dear old dad for that. Now that she's found him, her plan is to kill him. Even if it kills her.

Sound familiar?

Well, they run across each other and it's the typical lifemate relationship forms. They quickly find ways to meet their goals without the death part of their plans.

The most interesting thing is probably Solange's blood. As I said, she's royal - both her parents were royal and "pure" - and her blood has interesting effects. Just by her presence, the vampire parasites in Dominic's blood are quieted. Ingesting it straight up kills them. And when she converts, there's no pain what-so-ever. Juliette's conversion was especially painful because her jaguar fought it. Solange's doesn't seem concerned - she just falls asleep. A fairly major contrast to Every. Other. Conversion.

Her blood also allows people who've drank it to spend time safely in the sun. I'm a little confused on the details though. For one thing, does it last forever, or just as long as it' They say something about her blood bonding with Carpathian blood instead of being overwhelmed by it like it usually is, so maybe so. Otherwise, when you feed next time, it would be undoing the immunity. Right? It also affects people differently - you have to test your limits carefully.

See, confused.

Anyway, now that Solange is taken, I have to wonder about Zacarias. I think for sure he must be next. I also think I might have a suspicion. It's that vague. See, we usually have met or heard about the lifemate before the Carpathian meets her. So, there's a vamp attack at the De la Cruz home in Brazil by a vamp looking for Zacarias. A woman is severely injured protecting Zacarias' location, almost killed. He saves her and returns later just when she takes a bad turn to save her again. It's a small thing, but I'm thinking it's her. Maybe without her being conscious, he can't/doesn't realize who she is?

I do know he's got to figure it out soon. Dominic finds out the vamp coalition is planning on attacking the De la Cruz family in a dry run for an attack on the Prince. After that, Zacarias is planning on ending it.

Best hurry it up...

Dark Peril, Christine Feehan

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