Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dark Storm, Christine Feehan

I didn't know what was next, but this was certainly not even in the running.

We meet another ancient. Dax ran off the fight a vampire named Mirto. They were pretty evenly matched, so they were sealed in a volcano by Arabejila, Dax's friend.

The kicker? She's also Mitro's lifemate.

So, remember those questions and theories I had in my Dark Predator? Well, this just makes it all more confusing.

OK, Mitro is a psycho. Legit. Entitled. Always thinking he's better than everyone else, just no one can see his genius.

Dax is a hunter who has a talent for seeing someones darkness and predicting who will turn vamp. He and Arabejila's family were friends.

Arabejila had very strong earth powers. Mitro hated her because he believed lifemates made the men weak. He ends up killing her family before running off. He tries to kill her, but can't quite kill his lifemate. Instead, he does something worse: he binds her.

So, as we know, being physically separated from ones lifemate is very difficult. Meanwhile, the lifemate can typically feel/experience the things the lifemate is going through. So, all the horrible things Mitro does, Arabejila knows. He makes sure of it.

Riley and her mother, Arabejila's descendants, are traveling the Amazon to ensure the volcano with Dax and Mitro inside stays sealed. They don't know about Dax and Mitro, but they make the trip every year.

This year, it is not going well.

This year, their guide is sick and they have to pool with a bunch of other groups. And who should the run into? Gary and Jubal (Dark Magic, Dark Descent)! And of course it's De la Cruz territory so there's some of that going on too. Actually, it looks like Jubal and Jasmine (Dark Hunger) have a little somethin' somethin' goin' on. Or they want to. She's about ready to have her baby. He's trying to convince her to return to the Carpathian Mountains where she doesn't have to worry about the jaguar males. There are still some causing problems even after Solange took out her father.

So, obviously Mitro gets free. Now, they were ancient when they were sealed, and Zacarias was the only De la Cruz old enough to hunt. So, they've been in this volcano a long time. I'm talking like...mayans and aztecs long. So, there's a bit of a learning curve, but they make it up fast. Gary and Jubal help Dax.

Riley looks so much like Arabejila, and feels like her psychically, that Mitro and Dax initially think it is Arabejila. Dax figures it out quickly, but Mitro is so nuts, he thinks it's his lifemate till the end. Dax and Riley are obviously the lifemates here.

Before the seal fails, Dax comes across a dragon in the volcano and merges their spirits. Later, when Riley is converting, the dragon binds their spirits too. I think that means that they can both become dragons - I know Dax can. Not the form of a dragon, like other Carpathians, but full dragons. With the strength and ferocity of real dragons.

They do their thing and fight Mitro. He's killed. Dax has some serious trust issues - not surprising when you can see who's evil before they fully commit. They plan on going back to the Carpathian Mountains. So we might see some stories there. My hope is that we see some interaction with Syndil (Dark Challenge). See, I have this theory. Remember I said Mitro killed Arabejila's family? Well, her mother was pregnant when she was killed. They barely managed to save the child, a girl. The baby's name is never said, but I think it might be Syndil. They couldn't figure out what family she'd come from, and she has those earth powers that are so similar to what Arabejila had.

I'd like to see Syndil find some family.

And that's all she wrote. I've got to wait a bit for more books. So, we'll just have to wait and see what happens next...

Dark Storm, Christine Feehan

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