Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue Moon, Laurell K. Hamilton

This book starts with Anita finding out Richard has been arrested for rape. Obviously not possible. So, Anita runs to the rescue, leaving a irritated and jealous Jean-Claude behind.

So, it's no shocker Anita and Richard end up hooking up. It was kind of surprising that Richard said he was willing to date Anita while she keeps dating JC. The condition being that he gets do the same. It kind of felt like he did it with the intention of hurting her, which was irritating. Of course, Anita's isn't super excited about this, and both of them know it's hypocritical. But it's not really. I mean, yes, in reality it is, but this is a book. (to Gasp!) The thing is, Anita puts it perfectly, if you're still dating, you're still looking, and if you're still looking, you might find what you're looking for a leave. She may be with JC, but she's not still looking. She just loves them both.

The most surprising event, and pleasantly so, is the end. Anita instead chooses to walk away. Separate herself from the boys for a while. Now, I know I've been pushing the polyamorous thing, and I still am, but I've been hoping for this break for a while. I think it's necessary for Anita, for her to come to terms, learn about her magic, and for her to exert her influence by (unintentionally and non-verbally) telling the boys that she may just walk away from both of them. Also, JC did lie, a lot, and Richard wasn't entirely forthcoming either.

There's another reason I like it, though: I think it's necessary for the guys. She is really and truely gone from them. I'm hoping this allows them time to come to terms with each other, maybe even to form a bond, if not a friendship. The only way they really know each other is as rivals. With Anita out of the picture, I hope they find common ground so when she comes back they can accept her completely. And she them. Let's face it, Anita has serious trust issues.

My review wouldn't be complete without a Richard-Rant. :) Richard continues clinging to his morals while others, particularly Anita, pay the price. Now, killing is kind of a big one. He should probably hold to that one a bit stronger, but lying? I mean, really?! See, these dirty cops want them to get out of town (it's why Richard was framed for rape in the first place). He doesn't want to leave because they're going to kill a bunch of trolls (I'm not going to get into why it matters, it's not really important). So, the cops bust into the cabin to terrorize them and make sure they leave. Richard and Anita have sex the night before, so Anita only has a sheet to cover herself. The cops ask Richard if he's going to leave town, and he, so wisely, says "you'll kill the trolls." He just can not frickin' say "yes"!! So, the cops decide they need to "pat down" Anita, which basically involves a lot of groping. Then they beat her a bit and Richard FINALLY agrees to leave. They're not going to of course, but he finally gets the hint to lie.

But he just haaaaad to tell the truth and Anita had to pay the price. Again. I mean, there's having a moral compass, and then there's just being an idiot.

Blue Moon, Laurell K. Hamilton

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