Saturday, April 13, 2013

Micah, Laurell K. Hamilton

Double whammy tonight kids!

This was a really short book, but super cute. Basic rundown is that Anita has to fill in for Larry because Tammy's in the hospital. All is ok, but he can't make an appointment to raise a witness for the FBI. It's in Philly, so Micah travels with Anita to make sure she can feed the ardeur. 

All does not go well when she reaches Philly and she ends up raising a zombie that feels that he was murdered. Murder victims have only one goal: revenge. And of course the person the zombie blames for his death (which was actually of natural causes) is a defense lawyer at the gravesite. It all, typically, goes to hell in a handbasket. PS: the lawyer really was a bad dude, don't feel bad for him.

That's not really the point of this one, though. We get to learn more about Micah - specifically, how he was infected with lycanthropy. Plus, we get to see Anita have a little panic attack about spending time alone with him. She, predictably, thinks it will all fall apart. Spoiler: it's doesn't.

What really makes the book is the end. Anita is injured by the zombie and wakes up in the hospital. Micah is there, but so is Nathaniel. They're both glad to see her, of course. But they haven't been pining away while she's been out either. Turns out the nurses were a bit curious about Anita and her men. Once they boys knew she would be ok, they played it up for the nurses. Well, they told the truth about their relationship and when the nurses didn't believe them, then they played it up. Anyway, they played it up to the point of a pool going on who she was dating. When she told the nurse, the nurse still didn't believe it. The book ends with possibly the cutest moment when Nathaniel takes a flying leap onto the bed. 

Overall it's a really short, light hearted book. I even had to double check and make sure it wasn't a half. It's not. Really enjoyable. 

That's it. Short review for a short book. 

Micah, Laurell K. Hamilton

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