Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flirt, Laurell K. Hamilton

This is another baby book, like Micah. Just as good too. Anita gets kidnapped and forced to rise a zombie.

A rich asshole wants his wife resurrected. She died in an accidental explosion and there's not much to work with. He doesn't just want her raised for a night to say goodbye; he wants a legit resurrection. Anita refuses of course so he cooks up this plan. Well, I should say he cooked it up before he asked, expecting Anita to refuse. Oh, you need a human sacrifice to do it too. SMH Not cool man, not cool.

The plan is to kidnap her and threaten to kill Micah, Nathaniel and Jason if she doesn't cooperate. They're being followed by snipers just waiting to get the call. Turns out the kidnappers are werelions, which isn't great since Anita's having some trouble with her lion. Specifically, with finding a mate for it. She uses it to her advantage and manages to get them fighting amongst themselves. One ends up dead; another, her slave. Like literally. She gets hurt and needs to feed the ardeur, but she also uses it as a weapon completely rolling the lion, Nicky, and eliminating his free will. They call him a Bride. As in a Bride of Dracula. As in totally devoted. As in slave. She's messing with the King too, but not as bad or in the same way.

Meanwhile, the men have figured out something is wrong and come to her rescue. Well, by the time they get there, she's taken care of most of it. She raised a zombie army and used it to kill the rich asshole. His wife helped. The lion king decides to leave without further fight when he gets what she can do with the zombies.

My favorite part is that the boys are running to the rescue just before dawn, but dawn fucks it up for the vamps. A lion witch placed a barrier around the cemetery to keep Anita from contacting Jean-Claude psychically, but when Anita releases the power, it breaks through. This happens just before dawn hits and she feels JC's frustration that he can't be there. I think it's adorable.

That's about it. Nicky is the biggest thing to happen for the series generally. There's some flirting at the beginning of the book. At the end, Hamilton explains it was inspired by real life events, explains the events, and even has a cartoon of it.

A nice, quickie. J

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