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Devil May Cry, Sherrilyn Kenyon

So, I read this one out of order by mistake, just 2 books off, but still. I'm reviewing it in it's proper place, but hopefully I don't let my foreknowledge get the better of me and mess with the review.

So, we finally learn all about Kat!

I'm still surprised.

She's Ash's daughter! With Artemis'.

I really did not see that coming. I still think she thought about Ash in non-fatherly terms before. Not in a creepy way, but...I donno. It just seemed like she was...pining for him.

Which doesn't necessarily make it romantic. I know. You can pine for a father. But this is a romance series.

So, yeah, daughter. Ash doesn't find out until this book. Artemis made a half ass attempt to tell him when Kat was born, but Ash thought it was a child Artemis had taken from her mother to try to replace his nephew. That's how the gods got servants back in the day. Well, that and having parents leave the kid as an offering. Whatever. I would explain what happened to his nephew but I have no idea. We haven't been told yet.

However, instead of making sure he understood, she lashed (physically and verbally) out at him and kept Kat from him. She let her pride get the better of her. Needless to say, he was not too pleased when he does finally find out. Poor Ash, every time he turns around, Artemis has something new to hold over him - a new way to hurt him.

To be fair to Artemis (against my better judgement), she never talks bad about Ash to Kat. And she never tried to keep his identity a secret from Kat, either. Which, given how she demeans Ash, is pretty surprising.

However, she wasn't exactly mother of the year either. She never acknowledged Kat as her daughter publicly. Just as she never would acknowledge Ash. She used Kat to get Sins powers (more in a bit). And she used Kat as an ace in the hole over Ash. I'm sure there are many more moments. She's selfish, using is what she does.

We actually do see the...soft side of Artemis a bit here. I can't say the good side, 'cause she's too selfish for it to be that, but softer, sure. Kat even thinks Artemis wants to let Ash go. I don't know that I believe that, but... She knows that their relationship is not ok. There's this one flashback where Artemis is crying and holding Kat when she's a child. She's crying about all the mistakes she's made with Ash. Thing is, she keeps making the same mistakes. So, crying about it means jack. And she's not sorry for Ash, she's sorry for herself. It's all about her.

It doesn't work if you say sorry but keep doing the same thing over and over. Sorry means nothing if you don't correct what you're sorry for. Or at least sincerely try.

I know Artemis is Greek, not Christian, but they must have had some version of "Pride goeth before the fall."

She needs to sit up and listen.

Anyway, this is Kat's book and she meets her love, Sin. Sin is a Sumerian ex-god. Ex, you say? How can someone be an ex-god? Well, you get your powers sucked out of you by a greedy, selfish bitch-goddess (cough-Artemis).

Only to make it worse, as I alluded before, Artemis coned Kat into taking Sin's powers for her. She tells Kat that Sin tried to rape her and would kill her first chance she got. Kat was still young enough to think her mother wouldn't lie. At least not about that.

Luckily, when Artemis comes to her present day and asks her to kill Sin, Kat knows better than to just take her at her word. She decides to do a little investigating. She figures out that he's actually a good guy out to save the world from demons.

See the other Sumerian gods created an army of demons, who then couldn't be controlled. So, they imprisoned them, but every so often, they have to reseal the prison. Only Sin and his brother are the only Sumerian gods left. Sin is without powers (thanks, Artie) and his brother is missing. So the demons are getting free.

Sin gets his powers back. There's a major battle, but the good guys win. Kat and Sin get married and all is right in the world. Oh and Artemis is a grandma! Muwahahahaha!

It's interesting how similar Sin and Kat's relationship is to that of Ash and Artemis. Obviously it's way healthier, and they're both working to make it a good one, but it is similar. The key? Neither are as horrible and childish as Artemis.

Since Kat wasn't romantically involved with Ash, I wonder who he'll end up with. Every time Artemis shows some remorse or compassion, I think maybe... But I can't believe it. She beats him. We haven't seen it, only the aftermath, but we know it happens. I can't see that being ok. Ever. Kat asks Ash at one point if he's forgiven Artemis, Ash says he doesn't know. That as soon as he thinks he's past one betrayal, she does it again. Or he learns about another one. So, Kat asks if he still loves Artemis. He says that you can't hate to the degree he does if you've never loved them, but whether there's love underneath all that hate, he doesn't know.

Regardless, no matter how much the love each other, love is not all you need (thank you very much, Beatles). 

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