Friday, February 21, 2014

Dream Chaser, Sherrilyn Kenyon

We got another dream god here.

So, when Kat and Sin were fighting the demons in Devil May Cry, they got help from a dream god, Xepher, who was killed and sentenced to eternal torture by Hades. Kat makes a deal in exchange for his help.

He was sentenced because he supposedly tortured and killed people with his powers. Remember I said some dream gods could become addicted to the emotions they siphon from humans? Well, Xepher was one of those.

Only thats not really what happened. Satara, Stryker's sister, manipulated him into killing for her. Ok, she seduced him. Straight up. He was willing to take the fall for her, but she was supposed to wipe out his existence completely so Hades couldn't torture him. Only she doesn't. Of course not. That would be too nice for her.

So, now, the deal. If Xepher helps Kat et al, which he definitely does, he gets a month of freedom. If he doesn't show his humanity in a month, then he goes back to eternal torture. His plan? To kill Satara. If he's going to be tortured for eternity, he wants her to be right beside him.

That doesn't happen of course. Satara hears about his plan and devises one of her own. She uses a pair of bracelets that tie the life energy of two wearers to each other.

Who does Xepher get attached to? Simone, a psychic medium with a ghost for a best friend. She helps Tate, the local coroner and squire, with the weird bodies he gets. When it's not a daimon kill, he calls her in to help out.

We learn a bit more about the demon world, particularly a new character: Jaden. Jaden is knows as "the broker." He works for the "primordial source" of the universe and can only be called by demons. He makes deals, but doesn't seem evil per se. In fact, at the end, he's getting punished for not quite following his masters wishes. I'm sure we'll learn more about them both in a future book.

Also, demons can infect others with their bites. Well, some demons can. Simone gets bitten and starts to turn. Xepher calls Ash to help her. Only she's not really turning, the bite just let her natural powers out. She's half demon. Her father was a demon and killed himself to protect her.

In the end, Xepher chooses to give up his revenge on Satara to save Simone's life. That fulfills the bargain with Hades. Of course Simone doesn't know that and calls Jaden to save him. She sells her soul for it. Xepher gets back just after the deal is done. Only, Jaden did it for a good reason: so Xepher and Simone could be together. It's one of the things he's punished for at the end.

One more thing, that battle from Devil May Cry? Yeah, one of the demons did escape. She's turned up with Simi's brother as her husband. She's preggers. They run a bar. Super cute.

Dream Chaser, Sherrilyn Kenyon

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