Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Unleash the Night, Sherrilyn Kenyon

This was kinda a feel good story. The backstory is still really hard, as they all are, but the ending kinda gives of the warm fuzzies.

It's the first time we see things set right to a degree. In past books the characters find the ability to live with their bad pasts because of the love they find. Here, that happens and the past is rectified to some point, too.

So, here we meet Wren and Maggie. We've seen Wren briefly in the past as a resident of Sanctuary, the were-bear owned bar and hostel. He helped save Bride in Night Play, but he mostly doesn't talk to anyone.

Maggie is a human and daughter of a senator, who is kinda a jerk. I know, I know: A jerk senator? Who'da thunk it?!

Ok, so the good stuff: we get more info into the were world. There's a were council, refereed by Savitar. Now, I don't think I've mentioned him before. He taught Ash how to use his powers. He's referred to as a human, but he has powers that scare the gods. And absolutely zero patience.

We also get more of a glimpse into the Peltier's life, those were-bear's who run Sanctuary. In the past they've been portrayed as a kind, giving family who just doesn't want anymore fighting. Here they're seen as a selfish group who grudgingly puts up with invaders to their home to stay protected. Well, Mama Lo, the matriarch definitely, the others less so, and Aimee not at all.

Mama Lo wants Wren out, so she goes to the council, along with his cousin, to get an execution warrant for Wren killing his parents. Vane and Fang are both on it and try to keep Wren safe, but they're out voted. The only thing to save Wren is to prove he didn't kill them, so he and Maggie travel back in time to find that proof.

Nothing goes as planned of course, but all goes as it should. Turns out his father killed his mother in self defense, but he never died. Wren saw his uncle's body and, as a traumatized child, thought it was his father.

That's what I mean about it being set right. Wren's mother wanted to kill him, but his father loved him. So, when he finds out his father didn't die... It felt like things got set right.

His father also turned Maggie into a were-tiger. Apparently, it's not something that's done, it's not even talked about, but it's possible. Wren's grandmother gave his father her powers to help protect him from Wren's uncle until his father came into his own powers. Wren's father then passed those powers onto Maggie, converting her.

On a side note: Aimee and Fang's relationship was outed when the helped save Wren and Maggie from the other Peltiers.

Ok, so except for that one small thing, it was a feel good book. But I know they'll make it eventually.

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