Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sins of the Night, Sherrilyn Kenyon

So, this one had a lot of good backstory. Not just about the Dark Hunters, but specifically about Ash.

Here we meet Alexion, which seems to be more title than name, but they use it like a name. His real name is Ias. He was the third hunter ever created. He's also the one who got the "get your soul back" out clause established for all the hunters.. He paid for it by becoming a shade, which is basically a sadder form of ghost.

Yeah, his bitch wife intentionally dropped his soul.

But Ash hates the idea of his hunters suffering. He tries to save Ias, but wasn't familiar enough with his powers and kinda fucked it up. Since then, if a hunter dies in the line of duty, Ash takes them to a special island where they can be as content as shades can be. He even gives them some kind of form. He doesn't tell others because he worries they'll be more reckless if they know they can come back from it. Sorta.

A fair point given the attitudes of most hunters.

Anyway, as I said, Alexion is a title. Basically he's Ash's #2. Apparently over the past eleven thousand years, a pattern has developed. Every couple thousand or so, a bunch of hunters get their souls and go free, and another bunch decide to mutiny. When that happens Alexion goes in and saves those he can, and executes those who insist on fighting Ash.

I should clarify that those who revolt do so with the idea that the should rule humanity and prey on them. Its not just a pissed off Ash.
This particular revolt has a partner: Stryker. Posing as Ash's brother, he manages to convince a few hunters Ash is keeping all the power for himself. He does look like him, and has the same eyes as Ash.

Our heroine, Danger (nope, not a typo - she's French, what do you want from me? I didn't make it up), doesn't really believe Ash is what they say, but they make enough good point to wonder. It takes her a while, but she eventually trusts Alexion enough to help him in his mission.

They of course fall in love, but what's a shade to do? One of the things he likes about trying to save the hunters is he gets to be semi-human for a while. Its a limited experience - he can't taste food for example. But touch works. Can you image never feeling a touch?

Its a pretty impossible relationship. Until Stryker kills Danger. Ash tells Alexion that to save Danger would have screwed up the future for the rest of the world too much, but that he could bring her to their home realm as a shade so she and Alexion could be together.

So where is this home realm? Well, its the Mount Olympus of the Atlantean gods. While the words haven't been said, its basically confirmed that Ash is Apollymi's son. If he dies or goes to see her, she gets free and ends the world. Pretty sucky. It also confirms that he did in fact curse Nick causing him to commit suicide.

I hope we will, and I can't imagine Kenyon leaving us hanging, but I hope we will see Nick and Ash reconcile and Ash find love and peace, and acceptance. 

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