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Seize the Night, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Yay!! Valerius is back!

OK, you have no idea who that is.

So remember Zarek from Dance with the Devil? This is the brother that I mentioned. I wanted he and Zarek to reconcile.

And Kyrian from Night Pleasures? Well, this is the grandson of the guy who crucified him (No, I don't mean that as a figurative crucifixion. I mean literally.) and who also looks exactly like his grandfather.

Oh, and don't forget Kyrian is married to Amanda now, and her twin is Tabitha, our heroine.

One big happy family, right?!

Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh!

OK, I'm done.

So, Val's story is one of the easiest to read. He certainly hasn't had an easy time of it, and you feel bad for him, but for some reason it just didn't hit me like the others have.

And he does act like a dick. A big one. It's intentional, a defense mechanism to keep people away, just like Zarek acts crazy, but Val does a seriously good job of being a dick.

He and Kyrian come to a truce, if not a friendship, and Zarek moves to accept his brother - even making him a god like he is. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but we find out in Kiss of the Night that Zarek takes great pleasure in messing with Val using his new god powers. Well, now the sibling rivalry is on equal footing.

So, what happens? Well, everyone dies.

No really.

OK, so Ash brings (some of) them back, but I got you to click on the "tell me more" link, didn't I?

So, the Daimon that Kyrian and Amanda defeat in Night Pleasures is back as a ghost-like thing. We'll just go with ghost. He's working with Stryker, the Daimon leader.

Being the Dark Hunters don't have souls, ghosts tend to find them excellent for possession. Which is exactly what happens. The Daimons also mess with the phones like they did with Talon and Sunshine in Night Embrace. That basically leaves Amanda, Kyrian, one of Amanda's other sisters, Nick, and Nick's mom dead. And the hunter who was possessed of course.

Ash is crippled by the screaming of all the souls the Daimons take while out to kill that group. Really, they're after Kyrian and Amanda's daughter - she's got some special powers. Will be interesting how Kenyon moves forward with her.

Anyway. Ash is able to bring Kyrian and Amanda back because their souls hadn't moved on. Their souls wouldn't leave their daughter. Amanda and Tabitha's sister had moved on already, so she's gone.

And then there's Nick. Oh Nick.  So, Ash has a demon. Not a daimon, but a demon he considers a daughter. She acts like a child mostly- meaning naive, but physically, she's about Nick's age. Tabitha and Simi, the demon, see Nick and, thinking Nick knows who Simi is, Tabitha lets Nick escort her to meet Ash. Only, Nick doesn't know and acts like Nick usually does, ending up having sex.

Ash is furious. For some reason, Simi was never supposed to have "carnal knowledge" and now Ash will "never have peace."

Yeah, I don't get it either. I don't think we're really supposed to.

Anyway, Ash is pissed and speaks in anger. He tells Nick he should kill himself. Well, it appears whatever Ash says, happens (still don't get it). By cursing Nick, his best friend (although are they, if Nick never knew about Simi?) to kill himself, Ash changes Nick's whole destiny.

I think.

Not sure how entirely, though. I'm sure we'll find out since the one part I do know is that Nick is now a Dark Hunter. I'm sure he'll get his own book.

What I don't know is if Ash brings Nick's mother back when he finds out she was killed. Ash is surprised when he learns of her death, but it doesn't appear he does bring her back. We'll have to wait for the next book for confirmation.

Another good read by Kenyon. It was hard to see so many characters bite it. And of course I'm glad they're back. I'm so sad for Nick and Ash. While this is of course slightly more fantastical, it is like us regular people in that you can lose something that's so important to you in just a moment if you speak in anger.

Anyway, I really like Val and Tabby. Tabitha's a great character and their relationship is sweet. We see Artemis a little more in this one and god! is she a bitch. She stands there and mocks Nick while is mother's body is next to him and he's begging to be a hunter for revenge! She does give Ash Nick's soul. So, there's that.

Oh! one other thing. Kat is back. I don't think I talked much about her, but she was Cassandra's bodyguard in Kiss of the Night. We only get some bits and pieces about her then. We know she works for Artemis, but she also works for Apollymi, the goddess of destruction they're trying to free in Night Embrace. What those split loyalties mean at this point is anyone's guess. She has some mad powers though.

So, she returns here to help save him. Simi goes to get her to help Ash when he's....poisoned is the only way to really describe it. She saves him, but neither he nor anyone else remember seeing her. He can't know she's there for some reason. She's forbidden to see or touch him. Makes me wonder.....

Then, Artemis needs Apollymi's help saving Ash another time and barters "the blond servant," who must be Kat, as payment for help. Apollymi then says she would have done it anyway. *eye roll*

So, who is Kat?! And what is she to Ash that she's forbidden to see or touch him and have him remember. And if she can keep him from remembering, then what else is missing from his memory?

Seize the Night, Sherrilyn Kenyon

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