Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Night Embrace, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book two in the Dark Hunter series finds us with Talon and Sunshine.

Yes, Sunshine. Her brothers are named Storm and Rain. To be fair, their father is a Native American shaman.

Anyway, Talon is our Dark Hunter. He worked with Kyrian to police New Orleans up until Kyrian got his soul back. Talon is an ancient Celtic warrior who pissed off a god of the Gauls. The god cursed him so that every human he loves will die.

The important thing to realize there is that Celtic and Gaulic gods are just as real as Greek gods. I love that. It opens up the storylines - though I'm still not entirely sure where the gods fit in.

Sunshine, as it turns out, is the reincarnation of Talon's long dead wife. They're soulmates.

She's also friends with Selena. Selena, if you remember is best friends with Grace (Fantasy Lover). She and Sunshine share a workplace, of sorts. They each have sidewalk displays, Sunshine for her art, Selena as a psychic.

Beyond the fact that all the pantheons of gods are valid, I liked this one because it doesn't end the same way as Kyrian's story. Kyrian gets his soul back and gets to live his happy human life. I expected the same basic story. Sunshine gets Talon's soul back and they live happily ever after.

Only this vengeful god makes it a little more complicated.

Even if Talon gets his soul back. Even if he can get around the rules of being a Dark Hunter. Even if everything else goes according to plan, there's not much you can do about a god who wants your continued misery. And Talon knows it will be Sunshine who pays with her life.

Meanwhile, the vengeful god has teamed up with a "retired" Greek god and Acheron's twin.

OK, so, Acheron is the Dark Hunter leader. He interacts directly with Artemis on behalf of the hunters - though it's highly implied that he's not happy with that part of the arrangement. He also has some serious powers.

So, this unholy trio has decided to let out an Atlantian god called the Destroyer. If she gets free, she will end the world. In order to do that, they have to kill Acheron, the last Atlantian.

This leads up to find out a few things about Acheron's past. Basically, he did not have a happy life. His brother gets his though. :)

Anyway, so the apocalypse is thwarted, and Talon gets his soul, but what then? Sunshine will still die because some god wants vengeance. Right?

But, ah-ha! Talon's Celtic god created an out. See, Talon's wife is reincarnated as Sunshine, the Celtic god's granddaughter, and Talon drank her blood. That makes them both the god's family and therefore the Gaulic god can't attack them.


So, we're learning more about this world and the characters in it. I'm really curious about Acheron. Also, there's this guy, Zarek, who appears peripherally, I'd like to know more about. At the end, it's implied he's going to die. It's actually a bit of a cliff hanger. Acheron is also in limbo having promised Artemis 2 weeks of "servitude" to get Talon's soul from her. There's also there's this passing comment about Julian (Fantasy Love) being an oracle. Not sure what exactly that means. Or when it happened. Or what part it plays, if any, in the series.



Night Embrace, Sherrilyn Kenyon

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