Friday, January 17, 2014

Dance with the Devil, Sherrilyn Kenyon

So, at the end of the Night Embrace review, I mentioned Zarek and the cliffhanger. Luckily this book clears that up.

So, during Night Embrace, Zarek turned Sunshine over to the baddie trio. Then he changed his mind and protected her. For betraying the trio, and therefore helping to thwart their plans, they've decided to kill him. At the end, it looks like that's just about to happen.

Of course it doesn't.

So, Zarek was banished to Alaska 900 years ago when his village was destroyed. Truth be told, he's always thought he destroyed it. So did the other hunters. His memories are vague and disconnected though. No one really knows why he wasn't just executed for such a horrible crime. Turns out he didn't do it, but that's besides the point.

As horrible as the stories for Julian, Kyrian, and Talon were - as sad - this was worse by far.

Zarek was a Roman slave when he was alive - a whipping boy for his 1/2 brothers. You read that right, his father beat him into blindness as punishment for what his other sons did. His Roman sons.

That's bad enough, but now as a Dark Hunter he's alone, despised. Killing those you're meant to protect is the worst of crimes for the hunters. His fellow hunters treat him as a pariah. A rabid dog. He can't go out in the sun, so during the summer months in Alaska when the sun doesn't set, or sets only briefly, he can't go get food, so he starves. But immortals can't die of starvation.

Not to mention the emotional starvation.

Like I said, sad.

So, now he's pissed off a god. A god who also framed him for another murder of a human. Not to mention he had to defend himself against some cops which exposed the hunters to publicity. Another no-no. So, Artemis has decided it's time for that execution.

Remember back when I said they didn't sell their souls to the devil? I might have been wrong. Artemis seems fairly devilish. Or at least bitchy. I mean, God! You gotta hate her!

Acheron doesn't want Zarek dead, so he proposes a deal: send a nymph to judge him on behalf of the goddess of justice. With a little "debate," Artemis agrees.

Zarek passes with flying colors. He and the judge fall in love. He doesn't get his soul back because he never lost it. He finds out about what really happened to get him banished to Alaska - ironically the last hunter killer Artemis made wiped out his village. And he becomes a god. No really, a god!  (a god can't kill another god)

I really want to see more of Zarek. He has a lot of development left to go. He's still fairly prickly and I want him to reconcile with his 1/2 brother, who's also hunter. (Right?!)

These are getting better and better. I'm interested to see how things progress. Artemis needs to get bitch slapped. At least. We learn more about Acheron and the Dark Hunter world here and I want to keep learning. And there's not vampires!

Dance with the Devil, Sherrilyn Kenyon

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