Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dragonswan, Sherrilyn Kenyon

So, this is the next instalment of the Dark Hunter series...and the series hasn't even officially started yet!!

So this is listed as "0.5." It's another prequel in the series, though it does seem to give more info on the substance of the series.

So we meet Channon and Sebastian at a museum where they're both admiring a tapestry. They go to dinner and instantly hit it off. They share an intended one night stand, but Sebastian finds he's been mated.

Oh, did I mention he's a dragon? ;)

So, Sebastian is a were-hunter. Weres, or shifters, were created as a way around a curse. I think. I was a little confused. Regardless, their creator had 2 sons. He wanted to save them, so through alchemy he spliced them with animals. Only, as such things normally do, it didn't go quite according to plan. It split the 2 boys, creating 4 - 2 with the heart of a human and the abilities of animals, 2 with the hearts of animals and abilities of humans.

If that's not clear, think of it this way: humans that can become animals and animals that can become human.

With the power to travel in time.

A little scary.

Sebastian is a human who can become a dragon. The weres are pretty much immortal, and the humans and animals are at war. Or maybe "feud" is a better word.

Anyway, as a were, Sebastian can become mated without his knowledge or consent (quite the difference from the Dark series, huh?). The were weakness is a sensitivity to electricity. It messes with their abilities to maintain a form. For most weres it's not too much of an issue. It's not entirely out of possibility to see a wolf roaming around where it shouldn't be. A dragon on the other hand...

So, Sebastian has to get back to his home (in medieval England) but can't leave Channon alone because her status as his mate leaves her in danger. So, he kidnaps her.

Seems fair.

*eye roll*

His decision does have some logic to it. He needs to get back, but knows trying to explain it to her will be near impossible. He doesn't have time - his abilities are compromised in the present, and his brother is being held hostage waiting for Sebastian to save him. But when you wake up in medieval times, the whole "you're insane" thing loses it's juice.

Anyway, some danger and love ensues, and Channon chooses to stay in the past with Sebastian. They do make some trips back to the present - one trip being to help further discredit the idea that dragons might have actually exist. Gotta keep that a secret.

While this book does give a little more insight into the series, I'm still fairly lost. Sebastian mentions 4 types of hunters, each tasked with a different mission. Dark hunters were one type, but their mission is still a bit vague.

Overall, I like this one, even if it leaned heavily on romance, but I'm still wondering what the hell this series is about!

Dragonswan, Sherrilyn Kenyon

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